2014 CD The Roaring Twenties - operanederland.nl

Cora Burggraaf is captivating in this repertoire; charming, uninhibited and most of all: sincere.


2014 The Times

Calefax/Burggraaf at the Wigmore Hall: *****


2014 The Roaring Twenties with Calefax Reed Quintet -thouroughlygood.me

Calefax and Burggraaf at the Wigmore Hall

Burggraaf's love for the repertoire she sings is obvious from her stage presence. She is beguiling on stage. But that is matched by a mastery of the repertoire too. Calefax and Cora Burggraaf are an irresistible act. A real tour de force. Be sure to see them.


2014 La voix humaine - Het Parool

Burggraaf's sound hits the mark perfectly while she sings about the endless desperation of 'Elle'. This is how it feels to have pangs of love that are so intense that they obliterate everything else.


2014 La voix humaine - Theaterkrant

Cora Burggraaf has a beautiful radiant voice, but also has a dramatic stage presence that can convey the emotions of the abandoned lady. Phyllis Ferwerda plays the piano part with such expression and suspense, that I really did not miss the orchestration.


2014 La voix humaine with Phyllis Ferwerda - piano     - Leidsch Dagblad

'Mezzo-soprano Cora Burggraaf sings the role of the young woman in this intimate setting, with Phyllis Ferwerda on piano. A camera films her in her small room, which gives the audience a double image: live on stage and in close-up on film.

She comes extremely close, this beautiful, more and more desperate woman; beautifully sung and played by Burggraaf. An intimite and poignant chamber opera, it's power and expressiveness enhanced by the introducition about the life and work of Cocteau.


2012 Folk stories - De Stentor

Burggraaf's affinity with folk music is clearly audible -she sings The Return to Ulster and Thou Emblem of Faith in particular, with abandon and endless melancholy. Her warm luxurious mezzo-soprano voice works wonderfully well in the songs with powerful long lines.


2012 CD Folk Stories - De Volkskrant

Burggraaf shakes off the classical spheres and shows her purest self. 'The Art of Singing' makes way for folk singing; perfectionism for gut feeling. Especially in the songs by Britten and Bartok you can just picture her in a pub with a glass in hand. Good atmosphere guaranteed.


2010 La voix humaine with Rotterdam Phil - De Volkskrant

Burggraaf's body language and expression are beautifully subtle; her voice superbly suited for the hour-long solo.


2010 Recital with Phyllis Ferwerda - piano   - De Gooi- en Eemlander

The modest singer Cora Burggraaf has a beautiful voice; very supple and natural in the low register and light at the top, with the timbre of dark marble. She is very expressive in her rendition of the songs. She makes everything she sings come to life with craft and acting experience.

Perhaps the most beautiful song of the evening was Hahn's A Cloris. She kept everything small, natural. A celestial body up-close.


2010 Stéphano -Netherlands Opera - Operamagazine.nl

Cora Burggraaf performs her star role Stéphano. She sings the aria 'Que fait-tu blanche tourterelle' in the 3rd Act self-assured and with a youthful energy. Her voice has a golden low timbre and an impressive top range.


2010 Mozarteum recital with Christoph Berner - piano  - drehpunktkultur.at

....Nun profilierte sie sich als Liedersängerin par excellence.

Von der ersten bis zur letzten Note vermochte Burggraaf mit ihren außerordentlichen gestalterischen Fähigkeiten zu fesseln, Spannung zu erzeugen und unmittelbar zu berühren. Mit einem breiten Spektrum an Ausdrucksnuancen und tonmalerischem Farbenreichtum ließ sie jedes Lied zu einer bildhaften Szene, einem expressiven Minidrama oder einem gefühlvollen Stimmungsbild werden. Mit hell glänzendem Timbre verfügte ihr schlanker Mezzosopran dennoch über eine warm gesättigte Tiefe und Mittellage, dazu einen perfekten Lagenausgleich. Ihr Stimmeinsatz klang mühelos und  mit technischer Meisterschaft geführt. Mit nahtlosen Übergängen formten  Crescendi und Decrescendi eine fließende musikalische Linie. Das Mitlesen des Textes erübrigte sich, da wirklich jedes Wort  deutlich verständlich war ohne überartikuliert zu wirken. Jede Nuance war erfühlter Ausdruck, nie sentimental, sondern  lebensvolle Emotion.


2010 Stéphano in Salzburger Festspiele  - Das Opernglas

Cora Burggraaf überzeugt in der Hosenrolle des Stéphano mit viel feiner, aber nachdrücklicher Lyrik. Sie prophezeit mit kecker Intonation bis in sichere Höhen, dass die Turteltaube entkommen wird.


2010 Berio Folksongs North Netherlands Orch - muziekenmensen.nl

...A sublime rendition of the eleven Folk Songs by Berio, in which she not only made good use of her vocal abilities from top to bottom, but she also managed to convey all the different atmosphers of the songs by using movement and expression.


2008 Frick Collection NYC - New York Times

...in a wide-ranging program of French and German songs, she sang beautifully. Ms. Burggraaf’s warm, vibrant and dark-hued voice was well suited to a group of elegant and playful French songs by Bizet.

2008 Stéphano in Roméo et Juliette - Salzburg Festival - Opera Critic

Cora Burggraaf made her mark as Stephano - totally looking the part, and singing with aplomb.


2008 Hänsel (und Gretel) - WNO - Opera Magazine

Cora Burggraaf's lean and leggy Hansel was excellent, her stage presence just right, and her bright, clear tone a pleasure to listen to. She was the perfect complement for Rebecca Evans's lovely Gretel.

2008 Hänsel WNO - South Wales Echo

The Hansel of Cora Burggraaf also possessed vocal and dramatic talents rarely encountered.